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Die Abrechnung mit meiner Ex-Freundin. Mittlerweile ist das alles nicht mehr aktuell, aber man muss sich einfach mal Luft machen, wenn man denkt, beschissen worden zu sein. Im Nachhinein wird einem dann fast immer klar, dass es nur verletzter Stolz war, der einen ausrasten ließ.


you were the wife for me you gave me what i needed
you were my insanity you, your child, i felt it
you showed no reconition recognition to me
two months ago you told me what i am for you

this time i lifted up to the sky this time i never will retry

you don't have the fear
you don't let it come near to you
you don't feel the fear
this is the fear to become abandon

you ripped my heart in twos it seems to be unreal
i'd never guess the dissapointment this brutal pain to feel
you didn't call any time no report to me
you killed our love and expectations become to lies

i'd would do everything for you no thanks or statement
fuck yourself bye to you

refrain / solo / refrain

(Text / Musik: Andreas Görgen)