Invisible Bullet:

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Ein kleiner Ausschnitt der Qualen, die Menschen durchmachen, die täglich in der Schule oder auf der Arbeit das Opfer sind. Sie werden ausgegrenzt, verspottet, runtergemacht - nur weil sie schwächer - sensibler sind. Es kommt nur auf den Blickwinkel an - jederzeit kannst du der Verlierer sein.


what do you say - what you mean
speak to devalue - conscience's not clean
bombs of words - collides with my mind
you tell everyone - i'm not fine

you make me depend on you - i'm forced to be favoured
but you tell the world just lies about me
you are so scurvy - an asshole - please let it
be - if not - vengeance will be with me

kill (7x kill) - with words (3x words)
kill (7x kill) - it hurts (3x hurts)
it flies from mouth to mouth - you never proved it
i - cannot move - beware - invisible bullet

a victim i am - of your soul
you just need me - for represent
your personality - evil and bad
don't look as such - don't mime sad

who is stronger, you or me - i think it's me
cause i have got it harder than you
i will not kill myself - no suicide
you'll loose - you'll not win - i live - i...


invisible bullet (invisible bullet)

you -think -that -you -are -cool -be-lieve -you're -just -in -misbelief
i can -take -my -life -from -you -and you will still be idiotic

(Text / Musik: Andreas Görgen)