Buried Forever:

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Ein heikles Thema, ich weiß!


standing here on a meadow of grey - the cold wind rips off her hair
rain of ice whips in her face - and weeping willows frame the death
a bit of sorrow passes through - it never was her notion
scenes she successfully displaced - hit her unbridled now

a honorable notable man - the man who took her childhood
the man who took her development - the man who prevented her life
in her intimate room, in her warm bed - huddled in pillows, in a dream
disordered, awaken, from the family blood - affected, battered, soiled

he took what he wanted - he took what he saw
without any questions or answers so far
no rescue for her, no witness, never at all
he made no mistakes - she had the blame
the fault on her side - the beauty, the flame
the prison, she felt, would never kill the love

now he lies - now he flies
down to hell - she makes no yell
now he lies - now he flies
down to hell - she makes no yell

hell - (yell) - yell - (hell)
lies - (flies) - down - (now)
makes (no yell) - down (from hell)
lies - (flies) - now (he died)

what should she do, should she damn him
her remembrance serves his commemorate
should she make her life a pain, without him
she doesn't know, but will never surrender
she is strong, stronger than ever
if she fails, her soul glows for her sacrifice


time - (goes by) - for (better times)

(Text / Musik: Andreas Görgen)