Free Again:

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Ist jemand, der im Gefängnis war, und entlassen wurde, eigentlich frei?


i spend my time in a prison cell
four walls surround me - a desk a bed a hell
my deamons call me - come taste the air
no place to be - i wish to be somewhere else

i wanna be free again

i count the days - that lets the time stand still
i'm on my own - no one can tear apart my will
my eyes are closed - I think about my deeds
no struggle, no fight - then comes the pardon I need

and now I' free again

responsibility - in the community
impossible to try - don't know the reason why
ther's no more place for me - I wished to set me free
the coldness of their hearts - prevent that I take part


am I free again?
am I free again?
i wish to be free again!
set me free again!

(Text: Andreas Görgen / Musik: Andreas Görgen, Ille, Andreas Hellwich, Mirko Dahm)