Dream of a Dream:

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Ein Song, wie ihn nur ein trauriges Herz schreiben kann. Eigentlich meiner Freundin gewidmet, nun als Nachruf an meine Ex und gleichzeitig an alle Verlassenen. Traurig Traurig...


i am lying on my bed - digging in my pillow
i cannot sleep - i feel alone - `n get no rest
my thoughts are far away - by my heart - by my love
loneliness suffocates my heart - i cannot breathe
i live the night - the night i met you and the only thing
i think is your kiss at right

there was a hot breathe - exiting - your lolling yourself
our bodies melt to one - it's just - a dream of a dream
it is so unbelievable - such as a flying dream
of butterflies on a field - a dream of a dream

after a while we're separated - you closed the case
my rage is mixed with pain - i will not loose my hope
perhaps you'll want me back - soon - it wasn't really wrong
was just the wrong moment

there was your hot breathe - i fade - i'm just a shadow of me
our bodies cold as ice - it was - a dream of a dream
it was so unbelievable - too shiny for reality
no butterflies on the field - no dream of a dream

my pain doesn't disappear - i wanna be with you
the nightmare awakes me rude - my deer - my dream of a dream
now - please come back to me - as long as my life will be
don't leave me in my tears - my dream - my dream of a dream

(Text / Musik: Andreas Görgen)