Where's the Fear:

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Extremsportarten und immer neue Adrenalinkicks brauchen manche wie andere die Luft zum Atmen. Solange man es überlebt, isses voll ok.


climb in the sky - never can die
fly through the air - fear is nowhere
no light in the dark - the sound of a bark
highspeed in the car - don't think so far


aren't you afraid - is it too late
adrenalin - let the death grin

the inborn fear of dangerous things keeps us alive.
our careless behavior destroys the natural warning signs.
we'll loose control and we'll fall in dark depths.
kill us by our own hand - till nobody lives anymore.

the scream of the trees - the child on his knees
the war in your land - the gun in your hand
starve to death - the smell of last breath
the big factory - no community

aren't you afraid - isn't it too late
adrenalin - let the death win

(Text: Andreas Görgen / Musik: Andreas Görgen)